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Hey there. My name is Dani and I can be described as the girl that will literally do anything for a good photo. Ever since I was 13 I would force my friends to let me take their photo, over a decade later I'm lucky enough to still be doing the same thing, just as a wedding photographer! 


Being able to witness, and document, people's biggest milestones is the coolest privilege. I always joke that when I shoot a wedding I feel like an honorary bridesmaid because we have so much fun hanging out all day. Some of the best shoots have included a break from an engagement session for lunch together at my favourite restaurant or watching movies together the morning of a wedding while eating pizza (clearly I love food since my favourite shoots have included it in some way). Please connect with me because I would LOVE to hangout and take your photo.

If you would like to see more of my work head over to the "portfolio" page found at the top of the site or check out my instagram page below! You can find my contact information to get in touch with me on the "contact" page. 



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